Māori Data Tools

There are many wonderful organisations creating and sharing tools to help you explore Māori data. We’ve shared some of them here.

Know of a tool we’ve missed? Contact data@figure.nz and let us know.


Iwi Data

Te Whata - Free Iwi data tool Te Whata is an iwi data platform tailored specifically by iwi for iwi – by us for us. Te Whata is for iwi members, technicians and leaders – designers and users of data.


Figure.NZ website

A free-to-use site with over 40,000 charts and tables of New Zealand data.

Business Figures

A free tool to help you find data relevant to your business.

Learn with Figure.NZ

Free education resources to help you understand and use data.

Employment and Covid19

A free tool to help you examine how employment may be impact by COVID-19. See how many people work in different jobs, what they earn, and demographic breakdowns.

Stats NZ

Stats NZ Māori Data

Stats NZ’s collection of data about Māori

Data for business

A collection of Stats NZ tools for businesses.

Whenua | Land data tools

Whenua Viz

Landcare Research’s tool to help Māori land owners make more informed decisions about how to use their land to support whanau and fulfil and balance its economic and cultural potential.

Whenua Viz helps Māori land owners and managers find out more about the physical characteristics, constraints and potential of their whenua Māori.


A collection of tools from Te Puni Kōkiri to help you realise the potential of your rohe.


A Māori-led analytics and data platform enabling you to connect your people, land, and data.

Māori Maps

Māori Maps helps to connect Māori descendants with their marae, and enable visitors to make appropriate contact with these centres of culture - in particular, linking Māori youth with their ancestral identity. It’s administered by Te Potiki National Trust.

Our Environment Land Atlas of New Zealand

Our Environment is an interactive, free, online service providing access to some of Manaaki Whenua´s considerable holdings of environmental data, like land slopes, erosion, land use, indigenous vegetation, stream flow, greenhouse gases, and more.

Using the NZ Land Atlas you can:

  • Use online, interactive maps to learn about your local environment and regional differences.
  • Select particular data themes to view as maps.
  • View detailed information from a particular data theme for a location and area.

S-map Digital Soil Map

S-map is a digital soil map for Aotearoa New Zealand. S-map’s goal is to provide precise and accurate soil information to support sustainable management of our soil resource. S-map displays basic soil property data like depth, stoniness, and clay content, as well as more complex data like water holding capacity and nitrogen leaching risk. S-map is generated by expert soil surveyors, assisted by historical soil mapping and innovative new data sources.


Māori Wards Generalised 2020

Māori ward boundaries for 2020 as defined by the territorial authorities and/or Local Government Commission.

Māori Electoral Roll Enrolment and Electorate Numbers

A data visualisation that shows the impact of Census counts and Māori roll enrolment on the number of Māori electorates