Māori Data Reports

Why is Māori data important?

Value of the Census for Maori 2019 Stats NZ, 2019

Economy of Mana - Where to next? Kiri Dell, Nimbus Staniland, Amber Nicholson - Mai Journal, 2018

Introduction to Māori Data Principles

Māori Data is a Taonga Karaitiana Taiuru, 2018 Free eBook providing a customary Māori view of data as a taonga.

Maori Data Sovereignty Tahu Kukutai, John Taylor, 2016 Free eBook looking at how the data rights and interests of indigenous peoples be secured?

Treaty of Waitangi/Te Tiriti and Māori Ethics Guidelines for: AI, Algorithms, Data and IOT Karaitiana Taiuru, 2020 Free eBook examining Te Tiriti and Māori ethics for data and emerging technology.

Helpful Websites on Māori Data

Te Mana Raraunga - Māori Data Sovereignty Network This network of academics, researchers and data specialists and leaders advocate for Maori rights and interests in data to be protected, as the world moves increasingly into an open data environment.

Ngā Rauemi Māori Data Resources, policy briefs and publications

Directory of Māori Data Experts

Iwi Leaders Data Group Part of the Iwi Chair Forum which was established in 2005. This group exists to help inform and guide Iwi leaders in the matters of data.

IMSB Māori Values Report Independent Māori Statutory Board’s report on Māori values and wellbeing, and collecting and using data related to this.

IMSB Data Issues of Significance Report 2019 Independent Māori Statutory Board’s report on issues related to data around Māori wellbeing in Tāmaki Makaurau

Te Ao Māori

Te Ao Māori Report Chapman Tripp, 2018. 2017 version


Te Matapaeroa 2019 Te Puni Kōkiri, 2020 This research outlines the number and breadth of economically significant Māori-owned businesses and provides a clearer picture of the contribution of Māori to the wider economy.

Māori Economic Insights Infometrics, 2020

Māori labour Market Trends MBIE, 2019

Understanding the Māori Economy Berl, 2019 A collection of reports and research from BERL on Te Ōhanga Māori. This includes:

Māori Business Report BDO, 2019

Māori in Business MBIE, 2014

Māori Business Report KPMG, 2017

Māori Economy Investor Guide NZTE, 2017


Māori Tourism Annual Report Māori Tourism, 2019


Te Puni Kōkiri Annual Report Te Puni Kōkiri, 2019

Statistical snapshot of Māori in Care Oranga Tamariki, 2020


The Māori Report Independent Māori Statutory Board, 2016

Māori in Auckland Auckland City Council, 2017


Māori Health Reports Ministry of Health

Māori Health Statistics Ministry of Health, last updated in 2015


Matauranga Māori and Science Hub Science Learn, 2017


Ka whati te tai: a generation disrupted. The challenges and opportunities for Māori in the new work order post COVID-19 Tokona Te Raki and BERL, 2020

COVID-19 Maori Economic Impact Infometrics, 2020

Employment and Covid19 Figure.NZ, 2020

Stats NZ COVID-19 Data Portal Stats NZ, 2020

Te Ropū Whakakaupapa Urutā